I often get asked How can you do your job? What’s my job… visiting with murders, rapists, child molesters etc…. I’ve been to most jails in Utah at least once. I’ve heard every gross sexual crime ever committed -i think- in detail and sometimes with pictures.

This is how I do hard things:

RESOURCE ONE: EXERCISE. It’s always been a good one for me… I usually go to Gold’s Gym. Nothing special just a little swimming, running and biking. I’ve never won a race… and have no interest in winning. Here the Standard Examiner Bird and I are running the 10K with the CocaCola Classic in Layton.

I finish a race.

Nutritious meals, regular exercise, and appropriate sleep are necessary for a strong body, just as consistent scripture study and prayer strengthen the mind and spirit” (That We May Touch Heaven, Ensign, Nov. 1990, 46).

RESOURCE TWO: STUDY THE BOOK OF MORMON AND PRAY. For me reading the Book of Mormon while I run on the treadmill or bike works great. My Book of Mormon is large font. (I”m getting old now.) The covers fell off a year or two ago. The pages are worn. I’m in the Isaiah chapters right now and I again Isaiah and I have not connected 🙁  I’m anxious to get to Alma. To go along with my Book Of Mormon reading, I kneel in prayer doing my best to visit with our Heavenly Father. I go to the temple and Church as I’ve found these activities often strengthen my spirit. Like you, I never do as good as I want in going to the temple, reading every day, etc etc — But I do my best. 

Spiritual development is tied very closely to a knowledge of the scriptures, where the doctrines are found.” Boyd K. Packer (Jay E. Jensen, Why We Ask People to Read the Book of Mormon, New Era, Aug 2005)

RESOURCE THREE: READ OTHER STUFF AND THINK. Satan’s War on Free Agency by Greg Wright. It has a ton of great thoughts. For me taking time to think and ponder new thoughts is a resource and strengthens my mind. Now, I’m involved with Greg’s book learning –What Satan doesn’t want you to know about the War in Heaven.
As I study and personalize new thoughts I want to share them with you – my family and friends!

“Learning to love learning is vital to our ongoing spiritual and personal development (David Bednar, Learning To Love Learning, Ensign, Feb 2010)

RESOURCE FOUR: SERVICE WITH VOICES FOR VIRTUE. Since about 1978 I’ve been involved with volunteer services through various Foundations. I’ve always believed with God’s help, I could make a difference. Well after many years and learning experiences- I think the Lord has blessed us with a message and a delivery system that works –Voices for Virtue. Simply,  this organization helps youth strengthen one another in virtuous living using social networking. Check it out… have your youth join! Think of it… nearly a quarter of a million young Voices for Virtue on our English Voices For Virtue Facebook Page and our Portuguese Voz da Virtude Page.  I spend time each week in volunteering.

Service to others is one of the most important characteristics of a disciple of Jesus Christ. A disciple is willing to bear other people’s burdens and to comfort those who need comfort (Mosiah18:8–9). Often Heavenly Father will meet the needs of others through you.” For The Strength Of Youth

RESOURCE FIVE: GROW A GARDEN. This I’ve done since a child. Gardening began alongside my dad. When I need an hour of therapy. I’ll go to my garden. Some weeks, I spend a lot of time in the garden. There is just something about pulling weeks, planting seeds and watching them grow that is healing for me.

By the way – Gardening is a great example of how an activity might be a resource to one -but a stress to another. For me gardening is a resource. For you it may not be. Remember a resource is personal, it has to work for YOU!

Here I am displaying our home grown ingredients for Karla’s salsa.

There are blessings in being close to the soil, in raising your own food even if it is only a garden in your yard and a fruit tree or two.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Prepare for the Days of Tribulations, Ensign, Nov 1980)

I try to have at least….

one resource to strengthen each – my Mind, Physical Body and Spirit Body.
and a total of five resources.

Like you….

somedays I do better than others at having and using my resources. 
my resources change-sometimes from week to week.  
When I don’t have enough resources I “catch”
what Jeffrey Holland calls
Depletion Depression.” (Like A Broken Vessel, Conference Talk Oct 2013)

Follow the impression you had for YOUR LIFE, as you read this blog.

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