How to Administer Boosters


“A principle-centered approach for solving personal problems” 

(The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven R. Covey.)

Some of you will not like our approach to “Porn Proof” kids.  Over the years you may have had concepts “spoon fed” or “spelled out” in great detail for you. We have too much confidence in your inspired role as a parent and grandparent to interfere with God’s best delivery system-YOU!  We will give you simple principles on how to use Boosters as you inoculate against porn addiction.

Consider yourself the nurse or doctor that must administer the actual immunization – booster. We cannot do that for you. .


An Inspired Parent is the foundation upon which Porn Proofing Kids is built. If you do not have the time and motivation as a parent to inoculate your child … STOP NOW!

And begin saving money … Lawyers and mental health professionals will gladly take your money for payment of their services after your child / grandchild has fallen off the cliff of addiction. Or your grandchild gets a divorce. Currently a therapist is about $120 per hour.

If you can take the time and have the motivation to immunize your child against porn… START NOW! And learn about the essential principles, we call them Boosters to build Healthy SexualityAn inspired parent is a parent who fasts, prays, and ponders his/her responsibilities in administering these boosters to each child. It’s not uncommon for each child to require his/her own unique inoculation regime.

There is no greater force to strengthen the immunization of a child than their father or mother obtaining help from God.

God has placed on you as a parent the primary responsibility to teach your children. Though this is a great responsibility, it is also a divine privilege to have God’s children entrusted to your care. One of the most important concepts that God expects you to teach your children is the righteous meaning and use of sexual relations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.




Boosters are administered in any order, with different dosages and frequency.  In today’s world a 10 year old who had just been molested by an older cousin may need some very detailed information about the Boosters: Bodies and Good and Evil. On the other hand a teen who has no interest in video games, TV, or smartphones has no need for a Screen Time Booster. Generally, your child should receive at least one of the five Boosters each day! For example, one day after “Gay Marriage” is legalized in your state, you may need a frequent and high dose of the Gender Booster. On another day, a single small dose of the Good and Evil Booster is sufficient.


 “Our children learn when they are ready to learn, not just when we are ready to teach them.“

(It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late, Bradley D. Foster, October 2015 Conference)

Caution: Too many boosters with too much information (too high of a dose)- can sexualize and overwhelm your child. For example, you could create an unnatural interest in sex too early. However, too few boosters with not enough content (too low a dose) fails to provide sufficient immunity to effectively deal with the pornography plague.  Like Ebola, Satan’s misuse of God’s sexual response can kill you-spiritually.

Common sense and an inspired parent can discern when and how much is required.


Sexual messaging is everywhere…even Church. Just last Sunday my wife commented about a teen in our ward wearing a dress so short “you could see her butt.” Be prepared to administer a Booster to a toddler as well as a young adult. Boosters are administered most frequently with “words”. Be alert to sexual messaging on tv, video games, radio, music, billboards, advertising, Internet, etc etc -Pause the tv, video game, the conversation etc etc and deliver the Booster by asking a question–What did they just say? Followed by What do you think that means? Or think of your own questions.

Common sense and an inspired parent can discern how a booster is administered.


Remember the old concept of “boosters?” You go to the doctors, expose your butt cheek, the nurse says this is going to hurt, and you get the shot. The shot hurts. How many of your kids want shots? Boosters? Exactly NONE!  Many times this is true for administering  Porn Proofing Boosters. Your children may NOT want to talk about it. Or become oppositional to receiving your booster etc etc – Doesn’t matter. They need the boosters. (Be careful you do not become preachy and churchy in the delivery of a Booster.)

Common sense and an inspired clever parent can administer a booster even when the child is resistant.


Typically “Words” are the “syringes” used to inject the Booster.  (Others are delivered by your example.) If you’re not asking questions and teaching you are not immunizing your child. The most powerful way to create a Booster Discussion is by “taking their temperature” asking clever questions. If you have difficulty doing this, consider the fact that you may have some personal issues to work through. You will have to learn to do hard things if you are to successfully inoculate your child.


How else will you know if they’re sick?

Questions are the best thermometer.

  • First: ASK -WHAT…..? Identify a sexual message from TV, print, billboard, music, video game, cereal box, news, etc etc. Ask a what question like “What did that message just say?” “What do you think that message means?” You may add other questions like “Why… would they be saying that?” or “Where … did you learn that?” 
  • Second: SAY NOTHING (That’s right shut-up): LISTEN with the intent to discern which Booster and how strong of Booster Dose your child may require-usually at a later time.
  • Third: TEACH. Deliver the Booster. Perhaps right then and there, perhaps next week in Family Home Evening LessonPerhaps in a personal interview with your child.

Common sense and an inspired parent can use inspired questions and words in delivering a booster.


Did I tell you the story about the Youth Group Leader.
A while ago, I gave a lecture regarding “media literacy.” I mentioned  the need for adults and parents to ask questions about the sexualized world around us as we encounter it. This “Booster” helps youth process sexual information and build an immunity.  Afterwards a Youth Group Leader approached me saying “No way would I ask any question about sexual messaging while I’m with the girls.”  During my lecture I gave the example of a group of young women giggling in the back seat as they drove by a bill board displaying a sexual message and the need for the Youth Leader to ask a question maybe something like: Why are you girls giggling about that bill board? What message is that bill board sending? I didn’t want the youth leader to “Teach – Deliver a booster” or even make any comments-Just join and facilitate a conversation that was already going on! This Youth Group Leader explained numerous reasons why she would absolutely ignore the sign, the girls, the sexual innuendos (And not take the girls’ temperature.) -saying: They would tell their parents. I would get in trouble. We’re not suppose to talk about sex with them. etc. 


  • Identifies an inspired parent as the primary delivery system.
  • Relies on “God’s Principle about gender and sexuality. 
  • Includes current scientific research about sexual related topics. 
  • Is comprehensive in identifying the necessary and sufficient “skills and knowledge“.
  • Provides a simple, practical, and flexible curriculum that a average parent can teach.
  • Focuses on the glory and beauty of virtue not the hell and ugliness of porn addiction. 

Oh yea, one more observation.

“Porn Proofing Kids” is a focused approach. It does not include ALL general parenting skills. For example, there are some parenting skills essential for good parenting and yet not discussed in the Porn Proofing Curriculum. Here are some examples.

  • Ability to teach.  I assume you are a capable parent doing your best at parenting/grand parenting. If you are not go find some resources.
  • Testimony of the Gospel.  I assume you are Christian and have a belief in God. If you do not go find some resources to strengthen your belief in God.   
  • Ability to communicate with your children. I assume you are doing your best at talking to your children and getting them to talk to you. If you and your child cannot talk about school, church and friends you are not ready to talk to them about sexual relations. If you cannot talk to your kids, go find some resources.


Over the years I’ve reviewed various resources attempting to understand youth and sex.
Here is a sample of some of the resources I’ve reviewed:

The resources currently available fall short of the Perfect Porn Proofing Process.

The Porn Proofing Kids’ boosters target sexual and other inappropriate behaviors.  It is expected that parents would continue in wholesome spiritual, physical and family activities activities.  Using our medical analogy, Boosters do not replace healthy nutrition, restful sleep, vitamins etc.

(C) 2017 Dr. Rick

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