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Christian Family vs. Porn Culture

I ran to Gap the other day looking for my 9 year old a pair of church pants. Innocent enough errand, yea? I loaded my three kids, ages 9, 7, and 5 into the van. We got on the freeway and the first thing we drive past was a giant billboard with the breast augmentation...

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Satan’s Plan of Temptation. How it works.

ANOTHER DAY AT WORK Joe and his parents are in my office. He is 17,  the First Assistant in the Priest Quorum, Eagle Scout, Duty to God recipient, 4.0 student, plays the piano, etc etc. (This isn't a made up story!) Joe had a girlfriend. They've been going together...

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Read: Watch! What should you be watching for? LIES! In battle, a soldier seeks to understand his enemy. If you know what your enemy is like, and what weapons he is apt to use, you can develop a battle plan to defeat him. We are at war with Satan, but we will never be...

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