Joe, a 14 year-old client sat across from me. He is active member of the LDS Church and participates in his Teacher quorum responsibilities.  He had originally been charged with two sexual felonies. With a plea bargain he ended up with two misdemeanors.  He and a same-age male messaged pictures to each other of their genitalia on Facebook. Using a gaming device, my client later shared these pictures with other male peers at his junior high. His school mates -also members of his Teacher quorum – told on him. The school cop got involved. His behavior was discovered. His parents learned for the first time from the school about Joe’s sexual concerns.

So I began the evaluation…

I’m born that way
During the sexual history I asked about his sexual thoughts and feelings. He explained he has had sexual thoughts and feelings about both same-age males and females. He admitted he had kissed and hugged both-males and females. He explained,  “I was born this way. I have attraction to both. There’s nothing wrong with it.”  I asked him to explain. He went on to say “I wanted to join the LGBT Club but my parents wouldn’t let me. So I learned all about being bisexual from the LGBT Facebook Page.” (Over a million Facebook fans). I confronted him about being members of both the LDS Church and LGBT Facebook group. He was offended to think he couldn’t do both.

Sure I masturbate every boy does
When I asked about masturbation he replied “Sure I masturbate every boy does.” I asked about frequency and he replied “About every couple of days. It helps me relax.”  He went on to explain the research supporting why masturbation was healthy for him. When asked about viewing porn he quickly stated “No, that’s wrong. I wouldn’t do that.”  I reminded him about his “porn charges.” He explained “that was different.” He had been masturbating for over a year to underwear and swimsuit adds from magazines that came to their home.
As our discussion continued it was clear, at the ripe old age of 14, Joe had already achieved a Successful Sinner status. He demonstrated no remorse but yet had broken God’s moral laws (See LGBT…PRBFMP) and the state criminal laws. He saw no great harm in his sexual interests and recent sexual behaviors. In fact, he described himself as being quite popular at school “Since I’ve come out about being Bi.” He viewed the current court process more of an inconvenience than anything else.
Satan and his special forces (See: Satan’s Special Forces) have provided sufficient rationalizations and justifications to justify sin.
I thought to myself, where in the heck is Joe’s….
 Parents and weekly Family Home Evening like Page 235
Father and weekly personal interviews
Bishop and annual and six month interview asking about masturbation
Seminary Teacher and this great Teaching Video
Sunday School Class and Come Follow Me -August
Young Men’s Leader Aaronic Priesthood Lesson
 Grandparents, etc etc
All these layers of protection failed in Joe’s case.
Joe claimed no one at church or at home ever talked to him about sex stuff
– No one!
If this is true, then
The judgement of God surely stares us in the face. (Helaman 4:23)

“We would avoid mentioning these unholy terms and these reprehensible practices were it not for the fact that we have a responsibility to the youth of Zion that they be not deceived by those who would call bad good, and black white.” (Spencer W. Kimball Speaks Out on Morality General Conference Oct 1980)

Conscience seared with a hot iron 

Every day I meet youth and adults like Joe. Wickedness no longer brings humiliation, embarrassment, or shame. Even when they have felony criminal charges. Their first response is typically one of justification and rationalization for their behavior – having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” (1 Timothy 4:1-2) even though Joe is only 14! 🙁
I recommended…
Joe be locked up for at least one weekend and successfully complete outpatient sex-specific treatment. Using the sexual response to cope with stress is a risk factor for future problems. His view of his illegal behavior being harmless warrants attention.   Given his young age, I have hope he can change how sex influences his life.
Paul tells us that a conscience being seared with a hot iron is a sure sign of Christ’s Second Coming (1 Timothy 4:1-2).
How close might we be to His return?Consider Porn Proofing Your Kid.

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