Emma just returned from another psychiatric appointment. She was now on her 3rd antidepressant. The others hadn’t worked. Last month she went to the hormone and thyroid specialist and was now taking several supplements. Diligently she says her prayers, reads uplifting books and listens to relaxing music. She hasn’t missed a single appointment with her counselor. She has simplified her life-reducing stress telling others “No”…. Nevertheless, she feels hopeless. There are additional side effects from the most recent antidepressant – nightmares and excessive drowsiness. The dark cloud of depression lingers. She calls in despair. She has had it saying…

           “I did all the stuff you told me. It’s been two months now.
It doesn’t work. I want out. I want to go to paradise.”

With serious depression one or two months of doing the right resources often isn’t enough to experience significant improvement!
She didn’t do it long enough! (Sorry for yelling, but you got to get this one….)

Let me explain. Whether you’re going to hell or heaven… it is a gradual process (See: The Safest Road to Hell; The Safest Road To Heaven). The road to recovery from depression is a gradual one. It takes time to change a lifestyle. In a similar way “seeds” take time to germinate. Some longer than others.

But good seeds WILL germinate.

I love growing and eating peas. I buy the seeds put them in the ground AND WAIT. After a few days I water the peas AND WAIT.  After a few more days I see the green pea sprouts AND WAIT. After a few more days I pull surrounding weeds AND WAIT. After a few more days I water the peas AND  WAIT. After a few more days I fertilize AND WAIT.  After a few more days I water the peas AND WAIT.  After a few more days …… (do it all again and again) AND WAIT…you get the point in about 1 1/2 months the pea blossoms come on AND I WAIT. Finally, I reap what I sow. The pea will grow one day at a time.

For those of you dealing with a serious depression, it is not unusual for you to occasionally feel awful -like you have made no progress even though you’ve added resources. You question yourself about Will I ever feel better? – Because you experience mornings where you have no energy or motivation to use ANY of your resources.  THIS IS NORMAL. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.  In the process of feeling better you will have periods of feeling worse. Let me say it again.

You will feel worse 
while you are getting better

Memorize this concept:

There will be times I feel worse, as I’m getting better. This is normal. I will be okay. All I need to do is keep nourishing the seeds of healing –doing my resources each day. The seeds will sprout!

You will reap what you sow. God is bound! “The Law of the Harvest” is one of God’s oldest “Truths.”  It’s impossible to do otherwise. The Law of the Harvest has never failed! And it’s not going to fail in your case.

God’s growth cycle has always been a marvel to me—the process of fertilizing, tilling, planting, weeding, irrigating, [and waiting] – to produce a harvest. I am continually amazed with the power in a single seed as it multiplies itself many, many times. ….The yield has no limits on its increase. Our labors will continue to bring forth more abundant harvest … as we follow the Lord’s law of the harvest. He has bound himself to provide us with abundance so long as we will live his law… (L. Tom Perry, The Law of the Harvest, Oct 1980)

Likewise in 35 years dealing with mental health I have NEVER seen someone consistently plant “seeds of recovery” and not begin to feel better-eventually. True-not everyone is 100% healed from depression (or other mental disorders). But each person’s condition can be improved-in time.

EVERY “good seed” sprouts with the nourishment of belief and doing resources. Every good seed sprouts.

if ye give place, that a seed may be planted in your heart, behold, if it be a true seed, or a good seed, … behold, it will begin to swell within your breasts; Alma 32.28

The seed in this case is YOU using the correct and sufficient number of resources each day AND WAIT. (See: Five to Survive)

DO NOT worry so much whether or not you’re going to get better. I promise you will. I have 100% confidence in you and the law.

God’s law requires good seeds to sprout.

DO worry about nourishing the seeds by doing as many resources as you can-each day.

Think what seeds/resources you would like to grow.
Do as many of your resources each day.
And Wait, Believing.

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