Level of Awareness: Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept

Teach your children the same way God teaches His.

For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little;” (2 Nephi 28:30)

Level of the child’s awareness INCREASES as you proceed through the continuum.

VERBALIZE A DESCRIPTION: Simply give a description about what you are wishing to draw attention to. Perhaps a word in a song, a billboard alongside the road, a newspaper article, a person and their clothing, etc. Verbalizing a description of some sexualized content, brings attention to that content raising the level of awareness to that child.

ASK A QUESTION: After verbalizing a description of the content, ask a question. Temperature taking can be innocuous with a question hardly invasive at all-like a digital scanner. Perhaps the least invasive method is to simply verbalize the description in a question format. For example, while listening to a song and the F-Bomb is used you might ask “Did they just say the F-Bomb?” as you continue listening to the song. This type of temperature taking requires very little from a child.

On the other hand temperature taking can be very invasive when taken rectally. Methods of invasive temperature taking is best administered by the parent or another person in authority such as a bishop or therapist. Temperatures taken in an invasive manner require the child to engage more by analyzing or evaluating your verbalized description and subsequent question. For example, while listening to a song and the F-Bomb is used you might turn off the song and ask several questions, “What does the F-U-C-K word mean?” “How many times a day do you hear the F-bomb?” “When was the last time you heard the F-bomb?” (Remember you just heard the word. Your child likely hears the word several times a day if they are attending public school.)

NOTE: Making a statement like “I can’t believe they used the F-bomb. They didn’t need to do that.” Is least effective in inoculating your child. It prevents needed information coming from the child.

An inspired parent with common sense can discern how invasive the “Temperature Taking” question should be.

Taking a child’s temperature-asking questions brings awareness.


In a similar fashion a booster can be delivered in different levels of awareness. For example if I was going to select and want to process a particular song. I would simply look the lyrics up on the Internet and read through them with the child. I could look up the youtube video and simply watch it with the child. I could do both. I could watch the music video several times stopping it and looking at a particular screen shot.  Using a video image of the content increases awareness, more invasive than simply looking at words.  A child who has not been exposed to the video before may be sexualized by you initiating a too invasive booster-given the child has only heard the words. Thus the importance of taking their temperature BEFORE you deliver the booster.



Give a description about what you are looking at.

Look for patterns that call for closer attention.

Try to determine the meaning of the patterns by asking a question.

Research and answer the question, then make a value statement.

Take a form of action.

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