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Here is an example of how I am inoculating my granddaughter using Porn Proofing Kids concept. (See: Porn Proofing Kids Intro and Porn Proofing Kids Directions.)

An example of administering a Gender Booster.

Coming to a School Near You

” Lafferty said, ….it would not be a stretch to believe the changes could lead to troubling bathroom situations and to boys and girls sharing locker room changing areas…”

Yes the news article noted – IF Fairfax County School Board approves the new policy of allowing “sexual orientation and gender identity” to be listed as part of non-discrimination, then the concern is genders may be allowed to mix in bathrooms and locker rooms. (Furthermore, in some cases where schools are found to have failed to comply, the U.S. Education Department may terminate federal funding. But that’s another blog.)

Now days, if you haven’t taken your teen’s temperature and inoculated them with needed Gender Boosters before the age of 14 or 15—


Periodically an LDS mom or dad call describing a situation with their LDS teen son or daughter. It usually goes something like this: Our son or daughter came to us this week and said “I think I’m bi (bisexual).” I will ask the parent “Have you talked to her about sex and gender?” The parent typically replies “Yes, we had a birds and bees talk with him/her a couple of years ago.” (I think to myself you’re an idiot.) (I don’t say it.) Satan has been promoting confusion to your son or daughter around sex and gender identity for most of your their life – EVERY DAY! from TV, music, friends, school signs etc etc – And you gave him/her ONE talk!

Anyway, back to an example of administering a Gender Booster. My 12 year old granddaughter who is a 6th grader at a Boston Middle School was talking to me one day and she mentioned the “Gay Straight Alliance” at her school. I asked her to send me some pictures of this organization’s school posters. She sent me these pictures of signs in her hallway-one right by the drinking fountain! (The same school won’t let parents volunteer in the classroom-only the library.)

On the left: The words under the rainbow “Love is Love is Love.” Under the image of the heterosexual, gay, and lesbian couples holding hands reads:

“Meetings every other Tuesday in room 202.” 
On the right:  The words under LGBTQ read: “Want to know more ASK.”

I decided this would be a great opportunity to deliver a Gender Booster. Here are some notes. As you recall the first two steps include:

STEP 1: TAKE HER TEMPERATURE by asking questions. 

STEP 2: SHUT-UP AND LISTEN to the her response.

Here are some samples of my questions and my granddaughters answers over the past few weeks.

Pa: What does LGBTQ stand for?  Granddaughter: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and queer.

Pa: How did you learn the meaning for LGBTQ? Granddaughter:   The sign on one of my teacher’s door.

Pa: What does lesbian mean? Granddaughter:  Girl has a crush on another girl.

Pa: What does gay mean? Granddaughter:  Overall general terms for all those LGBT … and a boy who has sexual feelings for another boy.

Pa: What does bisexual mean? Granddaughter: Someone who like girls and boys I think.

Pa: What does transgender mean? Granddaughter: They have girl parts and boy parts. (Prompt. What do you mean?) Like their upper body is girl parts and lower body is boy parts.

Pa: What does queer mean? Granddaughter: I have no idea what queer means.

Pa: What are the meetings about mentioned on the sign? Granddaughter: “That’s the Straight Alliance and they have meetings. They are the ones who put all the posters up at our school.”

PA: What is Gay Straight Alliance? Granddaughter: They support gay people and what they do. I’m not sure what straight means. PA: What do they do at their meetings? Granddaughter:  I don’t know.

PA: Do you have LGBTQ people at your school? Granddaughter: I think multiple teachers at my school are lesbian …. One of the art teachers told her class “My wife is having a baby.”

PA: What do you and your friends think about LGBTQ? Granddaughter: My closest friend has the same opinion as me we don’t support gay marriage. But most people think its okay. I don’t really know anyone that is LGBTQ.

PA: What would you say if someone asked you how do you feel about gay marriage? Granddaughter:  One of my other friends asked me if I was against gay marriage. I told her yes. She asked me why. I said God created men and women for each other and not for the same gender. She said oh… My friend asked me if I knew someone like that would I still be their friend.  I said I would treat them just as normal.

I do NOT ask these questions in a single interrogation interview. I mix the questions in while talking with her about other stuff like summer vacation, playing the violin, etc etc and do it over a period of weeks.  JUST AS YOU TAKE THE TEMPERATURE SEVERAL TIMES OF A SICK CHILD-YOU TAKE THE TEMPERATURE SEVERAL TIMES APPLYING PORN PROOFING YOUR KID TECHNIQUES.

I learned a long time ago “relationship” is powerful.

If I lose my relationship with my granddaughter 
I lose my ability to inoculate. 


Now that I’ve taken her temperature and asked a few questions. I think, ponder and pray about which boosters to administer and which ones that I do not.

Remember the phrase:

“Common sense and an inspired parent can discern 
how and when a booster is administered.”

Clearly I don’t want to sexualized my 12-year-old granddaughter my introducing unnecessary information.  For example, my granddaughter had no clue what “queer”is and an inaccurate understanding of “Transgender.” At age 12 I make the decision she has no need to know. What I’m looking for now is what “Boosters” might help with her level of maturity and knowledge. If I keep the conversation up with her I will know when other boosters may be administered.


I usually call my granddaughter on Sundays. Over the pat few weeks, I felt impressed to administer some basic boosters about Satan and God’s view of LGBTQ and of course do some basic role playing. For me. the battle line is drawn with the family.

The end of ALL ACTIVITY in the Church is to see that a man and a woman with their children are happy at home, sealed for eternity. (The Plan of Happiness, Boyd K. Packer April 2015 Conference)

Satan can destroy this gospel objective by confusing gender identity in our youth.

Resources emailed to my granddaughter. I have sent selected information to my granddaughter. From time to time we would talk about some of the topics. I  believe without an understanding of Satan I cannot effectively teach her gospel principles. So I first sent her The Great Imitator – James Faust  and a week later I sent her Winning the War against Evil – James J. Hamula. I had brief discussions with her about each. I then asked her to read The Family: Proclamation to the World asking about how does God feel about boys loving boys and girls loving girls?
asking about how might Satan use beliefs like LGGTQ to get us off track from returning home to Christ?  I’ve asked her to write a blog bringing all her ideas together concerning our LGBTQ discussions.

Pay her $100.  I reminded her that her grandmother and I would pay her $100 again for memorizing The Family: Proclamation to the World again. (She has done it two other years.) (We’ve done this with all our children and grandchildren.)

Role playing. I like role playing because it’s so practical. I’ve asked her to role play What would you do if someone asked you to go to an LGBTQ meeting? and What would you say if someone asked you if you “liked girls?” Once I asked her What do you think would happen, if you asked permission from your school to put a sign promoting marriage between a man and a woman was ordained of God?  Why?


Inoculating a child takes many years and many conversations. Parent or grandparent will have to sacrifice and take the time and energy to successful inoculate a child from inappropriate sexual behavior. 


How might this statement apply to understanding “gender” confusion?

Satan is working under such perfect disguise that many do not recognize either him or his methods. (The Great Imitator – James Faust)

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