Porn Proofing Booster #5: Good and Evil

Booster #5: Good and Evil: Acceptance and understanding of the roles for Satan and God. 


Agency requires knowledge of Good and Evil. As it was for Adam and Eve it is for your child. Choosing good requires a knowledge of both good and evil. No exceptions. Youth cannot exercise fully their agency unless they’ve been thoroughly taught about “good and it’s consequences” and about “evil and it’s consequences”. Most families already have resources to learn about “good.” Unfortunately, few have taken the time to learn about Satan and his evil strategies Satan’s greatest tool is to distort and mislead a basic understanding of “good and evil.” Isaiah 5:20.


  • Teach the Reality of Satan. He’s not a cartoon character. Satan does not have horns, cloven hoofs, a pointed tail or carry a pitch fork! He does not have a physical body!!!! Satan is as much a personal individual spirit being as you and I. He is a guy in many ways like us-with thoughts and feelings. See: Satan Exposed
  • Do Not Be Ignorant of Satan’s Strategies (2 Corinthians 2:11). Evil spirits who follow Lucifer do seem to be assigned specific powers or missions. And interestingly enough, this seems to be done in the manner of an organized assault,  Their goal is destroy your agency and make you miserable.    See: Satan and his “Special Forces”

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