Porn Proofing Booster #1: Body

#1: Body Booster: Acceptance and understanding the divine nature of the body. 

You know all this but let me quickly remind you of the basic concepts.


Encourage youth to establish habits of good nutrition, hygiene, grooming, and exercise. Help them to accept their body’s divine nature and destiny. Teach them that they are in control of who touches their bodies and how. Remind them “they are the boss of their body.” Each youth goes through puberty. Begin early helping them to prepare for these predictable body changes. Teach correct names for body parts and functions. Remind youth often about the biological nature of God’s sexual response and their Spirit’s responsibility to manage their body’s sexual response.


Remember, as an Inspired Parent with Common Sense you determine the dose size, the frequency of administration, and the timing of the immunization boosters. For a quick review see: Porn Proofing Kids: Directions.

Here are a sample of essential Body Boosters for Porn Proofing Kids.

  • Repeat often the concept that the Body is a Temple. As old as this saying is, it is critical to help youth understand and accept Paul’s teaching (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).  Our bodies were created in the image of God. They are a gift from Heavenly Father to allow us to experience mortality, procreate, and continue to become more like Him. To the extent youth understand and accept this concept is the extent they dress modestly, have a tattoo free body, and recognizes appropriate touch.
  • Use Correct Names for Body Parts and Functions. One way to reinforce “The Body is a Temple” is to immediately begin using scientific names for sexual parts and functions. Never use slang! Slang terms are not in keeping with the divine origin of our bodies. For example use “Breasts” not “Boobs” and “Penis” not “Weenie” etc etc
  • Have Open Discussions About PubertyBy age 10 or 11 a young person should have a general understanding about what is about to happen to their bodies during puberty. In many ways, “preparing for puberty” is like “preparing for baptism.”  (Both are a baptism by fire!) Provide lessons and multiple discussions about puberty. Early on in puberty parents should have additional detailed discussions about topics like menstruation for girls and wet-dreams for boys.
  • Teach Correct Sexual Information. You and your child should have correct information about the reproductive process. (See: Basic Biology from
  • Teach Sexual Response as a Biological Response. This is one of those facts science has taught us in recent years. There is lots of resources teaching how brain chemistry relates to viewing pornography, touching and the sexual response. The sexual response although “God Given,” functions through hormones and neurotransmitters.  In order for a youth to control the sexual response they will have to first recognize their personal sexual response and the ability of their Spirit to control that response (See: Anatomy of a Soul.) It’s your job as a parent to teach about that sacred response. NOT MINE!


As we combat the plague of Ebola we have learned taking an individual’s temperature is essential. In a similar way, as we combat the plague of pornography and immorality we also need to take the youth’s temperature.

Remember in Porn Proofing Kids – Directions we talked about how you take someone’s temperature:


Directions in taking temperatures:

  • First: ASK A QUESTION as you become aware of  a sexual message from TV, print, billboard, music, video game, cereal box, news, etc etc. OR create the conversation on your own.
  • Second: SAY NOTHING (That’s right shut-up): LISTEN with the intent to discern which Porn Proofing Booster is required; how strong of a Booster Dose is needed; and when best to deliver the Booster.

For now, do NOT worry about the Third: TEACH step.

Just ASK, shut-up and LISTEN.

Sample Questions That Take “Body” Temperatures

Here are some sample questions to assist you in Taking a Youth’s Temperature. Add to this list your own ideas. Remind the youth it’s okay to say sexual words and have this discussion with you. As an Inspired Parent with Common Sense you will adapt these questions to you and your family’s  specific needs.

ASK: WHAT parts of a girl’s / boy’s body would be wrong for you to touch? 

(Listen for the names the youth uses for body parts. 
Listen for their understanding of good/bad touch.)

SAY: We went to the temple today. We heard the phrase “Sexual Relations” several times during the temple session.  Why do you think “Sexual Relations” are talked about in the Temple? What do you think “Sexual Relations” means when they talk about it in the temple? 

(Listen to see how comfortable the youth is in saying the word “sex” to you. 
Listen to their understanding of the divine role of sex.) 

READ: Ask the youth to read out loud – to you- this quote from

Conception occurs after the mother’s ovary releases an egg, which enters her fallopian tubes. Millions of sperm are released into the wife’s vagina through the husband’s penis. These cells propel themselves up the vagina, into the uterus, and  toward the egg. If one sperm enters the egg, conception has occurred. The egg then travels down the fallopian tubes and attaches to the lining of the uterus (womb). This lining and the egg pass off monthly through menstruation, unless the egg is fertilized by a male sperm cell. (A Parent’s Guide, Chapter 4)

What happens to a boy/girl during puberty? What did you feel when you read these words out loud? Why do you think you feel that way? How do you feel knowing your body having (or will have) the capacity for sexual relations and creating life -like the Gods?

(Listen to see how comfortable the youth is in reading “sexual” words to you. 
Listen to their understanding of puberty and sexual relations.) 

WATCH this video “Your Brain in Lust & in Love” with the youth. Ask, What role does the brain play in “Lust and Love?”
(Listen and look for acceptance of a biological component of sexual arousal. 
Listen to their understanding of touch and sexual feelings.) 

LOOK: With the youth, look at a public Facebook or Web Page of a popular singer or group. The best intro is to say “Who is your favorite singer/group? Let’s go to their Facebook Page or Webpage.” Together look at a few images from that page asking “How do you think they feel about their bodies?” “What do think about people having tattoos?/ multiple piercings?” If they have no ideas go to Lady Gaga – lots of LDS Kids like her and her songs. Here’s her Facebook Page: Lady Gaga Facebook Page. (Warning: usually these pages have images of persons who are immodestly dressed- so be prepared)

(Listen to see how comfortable the youth is in sharing her/his favorite singer to you. 
Listen to their understanding of the body.) 


(Do not administer the Booster! You are likely not ready.) 
AND LISTEN.Simply take their temperature. 
(And don’t get mad and start preaching if you’re lucky 
enough to have your child actually talk to you!!!) 

NOTE: At this point some of you are overwhelmed with the open and direct conversations about the very sacred discussions regarding the body and it’s functions.  Nevertheless,

Talk to them plainly about sex and the teaching of the gospel regarding chastity. (M. Russell Ballard, “Like a Flame Unquenchable,” Ensign, May 1999.)

You are at a crossroads. You have a decision to make.

Today we have a rebirth of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah. From seldom-read pages in dusty Bibles they come forth as real cities in a real world, depicting a real malady—pernicious permissiveness. We have the capacity and the responsibility to stand as a bulwark between all we hold dear and the fatal contamination of the pornography beetle. (Thomas S. Monson, Pornography The Deadly Carrier, Conference Oct 1979)

Porn Proofing Kids is a medical process focused on prevention of a terrible disease and saving a youth’s soul. (If it was Ebola I was talking about – to what lengths would you go to prevent your child from Ebola?)   You are an Inspired Parent with Common Sense. Trust yourself. God is on your side. You can do hard things. Porn Proofing Kids is a hard thing. Maybe practice first with your spouse, with an easy child, with a mirror or even your dog would do. 🙂

As you are impressed begin administering Body Boosters! Here are some resources Body Booster Resources and Body Booster Examples.


®2014 dr rick

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