This is a test.
Only ten questions.

Here are the correct answers:

1) In the preexistence Satan was an angel of God who was in authority.  – TRUE. In graduate school I was taught to always start with an easy question.

2) Satan was “cast out” in the preexistence. Where did he go? – EARTH Yep. He’s right here with us! Right now!

3) Satan and his angels remember me from the preexistence and know my personal weaknesses? – TRUE. Definitely unfair for Satan to remember and I can’t.  🙁

4) Satan has appeared several times to church leaders as “the devil” – red, with horns, cloven foot, and pointed tail. – FALSE. Please tell me you didn’t answer this one “True”?

5) Satan’s number one goal is to destroy … – AGENCY. That’s it. He gets that all the rest fails.

6) Satan is unable to perform a miracle. – Definitely FALSE. He can also appear as an “Angel of Light.”

7) Satan can read my thoughts in my mind before I even speak them. – I’m not sure why he can’t but the answer is FALSE.

8) Satan can put thoughts into my mind. – Way unfair in my opinion but TRUE

9) Which group of people are immune from being tempted by Satan? – THOSE UNDER 8 YEARS OLD- What a blessing.

10) God “will not suffer you to be tempted by Satan above that ye are able… to bear…” 1 Cor. 10:13 – Yea I know it’s a trick question. But as written it is definitely FALSE.


100% – You are prepared and should not fear 🙂

80%-90% – Not bad. You know Satan pretty well!

60%-70% – About average. Although you have some learning to do.

0%-50% – You are toast. Satan is pleased with your ignorance. You better hit the books- like Book of Mormon.


You’ll have to wait. I’ll put detailed answers with scriptural references in a future blog.

Right now I’ve got work to do. A Sexual Behavioral Risk Assessment to complete on an 18 year old-wanting to go on his mission.  A Mental State Evaluation on an Elder’s quorum member sitting in jail to determine what he was thinking at the time he shot the other guy in the back…. and so forth and so on.

Just another day at work.

dr rick

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